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PT. Benindo Jayamakmur Sejati (Jawa Timur, Indonesia)

PT. Benindo Jaya Makmur Sejati or Known as "BENINDO" Is A Company That Has Been Established Since 2013,
The focus of its business is production & distribution, especially in the scope of roofing & tiles, including its various product derivatives.

With Brand BJMS ROOF, BENINDO ROOF, As Our Registered Brand No.IDM001014642 we Produce Neutral Galvalume Roofs & Color Galvalum Roofs With Various Shape & Length Profiles,
Along with its Derivative Products, Produced Domestically in Indonesia.

With Brand KINGSTAR ROOF, As Our Registered Brand No. IDM000913123 we produce a masterpiece from Benindo in the form of a rock roof in the form of a rock-coated galvalume roof, and rock-coated metal roof tiles and their derivative products, which are made domestically in Indonesia.

And as the market demand and development develops, in 2018 we produce transparent roofs, in the form of transparent spandex roofs, and transparent corrugated corrugated iron, which are made domestically in Indonesia.

With BRAND INDOSORONG, As Our Registered Brand No. IDM000876972 We Collaborate In The Production Of Domestically Made Wheelbarrows, In The Form Of Wheelbarrows, Or Commonly Called Indosorong BAK IRON For Project & Material Industry Needs, AND For Agriculture, Plantation, and Fishery Needs In The Form Of Indosorong BAK FIBER.

And Also PT. Benindo JayaMakmur Sejati, Also As One Of The Authorized Distributors From PT. APLUS PACIFIC Since 2013, With Various Core Products Such As Gypsum Board, Board Board, Compound, Cornice, Mild Steel, As Well As Various Kinds Of Products For Other Needs,

With the Jargon "GOOD ROOF"

We Have A Mission To Be The Best Company In Indonesia In Producing Products, ESPECIALLY ROOF, With No. One Premium Quality, Supported By Economical Prices,

Thus Assisting in Fulfillment of All Levels of Society & Development of the Indonesian Nation.


Perusahan nasional yang dicintai konsumen Menjadi bagian dalam pembangunan bangsa Indonesia.




Jalan Buntaran nomor A1 Surabaya 60184
Jawa Timur , Indonesia


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